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Gunbarrel's front-range, cowboy-inspired name actually originates from a magazine article in the 1860s. Alonzo H. Allen wrote of the new trail, which was as straight as a gunbarrel, that he and his father cut with their heavily loaded wagon. Long before Diagonal Highway, the Gunbarrel Road acted as the primary stagecoach route between Longmont and Boulder. The Gunbarrel Public Improvement District was formed in 1993 by the residents of Gunbarrel. Acting as a "special district," the GPID can levy taxes and incur debt to purchase open spaces, improve roads and protect the area from excessive expansion.


Gunbarrel -- and Boulder at large -- connects to an incredible network of jogging and bike paths. The Idylwild Trail cuts right through the community, but any of the roads and streets work just as well; traffic naturally yields to pedestrians everywhere in the area. With the aid of the Colorado Department of Transportation, Heatherwood Elementary School installed crosswalks, sidewalks and flashing car alerts to protect walkers and bikers. That said, find yourself a car if you live in Gunbarrel. Public transportation consists only of the 205 RTD bus that gives service from Gunbarrel to Boulder or the regional J route that connects CU Boulder and Longmont to the northeast. You might even ask a good neighbor, since carpooling appeals to many environmentally conscious locals. Don't worry about traffic congestion -- many people work from home in Gunbarrel. Boulder has a municipal airport for business, private and emergency flights to the surrounding area. To reach Boulder Municipal Airport, you can take Highway 119 south just past Independence Road.


You can't separate the outdoor lifestyle from Gunbarrel, and that's reflected through its abundance of parks, bodies of water, trails and open ranges. The town's major attractions include the Twin Lakes Open Space that extends west along the Whiterock Ditch, operated by the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department, and the Country Club on Gunbarrel Hill, which includes a 27-hole golf course. Sawhill Ponds off of 75th St. is an old gravel mining area that has been reclaimed as a wildlife preserve. Great for fishing, casual hiking, and bird watching, with bald eagles, owls, and great blue herons, all fairly easy to spot.

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